Friday, April 25, 2014

Day A -- Three Planes, A Train, A Bus, and the Eiffel Tower

They say that your camino begins the moment you walk out your door, so my Camino officially started yesterday (April 24) at 8:15 am when I left Red Bud for the airport. I caught my plane to Chicago and then my plane to Madrid and finally my plane to Paris. Out of everything I have to be worried about on this trip, the part that had me most concerned was getting from the Paris airport to my hostel -- though I don't know why, because my feet acted as though they've been walking that path their whole life. I had to catch a bus from the airport to the metro station, change two metros, and then navigate the four blocks to my hostel: not one wrong turn (which I hope is a forshadowing of the rest of my trip). Now that that part is over, I feel totally at peace for the journey ahead. 

I checked an item off the bucket list today: I climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower!! (Well, as close to the top as they let you climb.) I only have a few hours in Paris and figured a selfie with the Eiffel Tower was in order, but when I got there and they were still letting people climb up, I figured that was the best way to get my jet lagged legs ready for the long walk ahead. 

As for now, I'm tucked into my hostel -- I need to get some rest before my train leaves in the morning. One more day of rails and wheels before my feet take over as my means of transportation! 

Here are a few pics: 
Wondering what made the backpack cut? Here's the official list!! Things not listed: my rosary, a rock, and a picture of my family. 

There's Spain!! Just really tiny ... 

There she is!! 

You guys better get used to selfies, because there isn't anyone to take my picture (yet).

At the top!! 

Isn't it beautiful? What a pleasant way to end a day of travel. 

Buen Camino.  



  1. I demand many selfies. You look joyous. I hope it sticks!

  2. Hi Jenna! Tala and I will be doing the last week of the Camino in July, so I'm looking forward to seeing and reading about your journey!

  3. Jolene: then selfies you shall get!

    Sheri: Oh I am!!

    Clayton: That is so exciting!! You guys are going to have a blast!