Saturday, May 31, 2014

Journey Home

I knew today had to come, the day where I left the Camino and started my journey home. I thought it would be harder, but the truth is: I'm ready. 

I woke up this morning and left my Albergue to meet Vera for breakfast. How do you say good bye to someone who hasn't left your side for the last month? With a hug and a promise to keep in touch and meet again next summer, I walked to the train station alone. It almost seems fitting that I finish this trip the way I started: solo on a train -- it's like the whole journey has come full circle. 

I slept most of the train ride, but the parts where I was awake were beautiful: the mountains are breathtaking whether you are standing on top of them or traveling at 240 kilometers per hour through them. When I arrived in Madrid, I took the metro, found my hostel, and rested a bit. My cold is really raging, so I thought at first that maybe I should just lay low and nap all day ... but that's no fun; and how often am I in Madrid?! So I headed towards the Prado, my favorite art museum and parked myself in the Greco section -- some of my favorite pieces!! The colors and the scenes really jump out at me. I spent most of the afternoon / evening there. After I left the Prado I grabbed some dinner (yes, I ate croquetas) and had some gelato before heading back to my hostel where I am tucked into bed and hoping for sleep. 

I didn't take any pictures today ... but here are a few to recap the journey: 

My first day as a pilgrim, getting ready to leave St. Jean. I had no idea what adventures were in store for me! 

The day I met Vera. 

The night I met Jarek and Gosia. 

Climbing mountains. 

Crossing bridges. 

Trekking through forests. 

Loving the sun. 

Not loving the rain. 



Lots of laughter. 

And prayer. 



A successful culmination of an incredible pilgrimage. 

The wall in my sleep room here at the hostel has a quote painted on it: Not all who wander are lost. Well isn't that the story of my life? It is the quote that inspired the title of this blog (wander with a purpose). Sometimes (or in recent discoveries: always), things really do just happen the way they should. 

Buen Camino. 


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