Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day Six: Traveling to Kraków

I can't believe my time in the Netherlands went by so quickly!! Already it is time to head to Poland to see Jarek and Gosia. There isn't too terribly much to share from today -- mostly a day of travel. BUT today was very special because it was the day that our tiny Camino family was reunited. I don't have words to express how wonderful these people are or how much happiness they bring to my heart; I mean, they literally pulled me over mountains and stood by my side every step of the way, and for that they will always hold a special place in my heart and in my life. 

After a morning of trains and metros and an afternoon of airports, we arrived in Katowice where Jarek and Gosia picked us up and brought us back to Jarek's home in Kraków. There we ate dinner -- the Polish version of croquetas!! Here they are called krokiety. Who knew that I would become a coneseur of croquetas?! And as a special bonus, these were homemade by Jarek and Gosia's mom. They were AMAZING. And I think there is a (very small) possibility that I will be able to make them at home. Very, very small. But I will try. And we had beet root soup -- someone from the US help me out: do we have that in the states? I've never had it ... maybe up in Chicago with all the Polish restaurants? I'm not sure, but I really liked it. Today is Jarek's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) so we also enjoyed homemade desert from his mom -- did I mention she's a pastry chef? She's a pastry chef. And the desert was delicious. 

After we were stuffed with amazing food, we took Gosia back to her apartment and then went for a night time walking tour of Market Square in Kraków -- more on that tomorrow when we explore it more thoroughly. There is something so serene about a city at night, when the traffic is absent and the noise has died down ... and the buildings all lit up make for pretty sites. I can't wait to go back tomorrow and see more!! 

Here are a few pictures from today: 

Last breakfast in Holland ... 

We're up and in the train -- bring on the traveling. Poland bound !!!! 

Döner kebab!!! mmmmmm 

Someone is NOT pleased that our flight is running late ... 

Our plane is PINK!!! <3 

Ready to board!! (And much happier now that we are actually walking towards the plane.) 

I'm glad the pilot knows where we're going ... 

There's Poland!!!! 

Homemade krokiety!! mmmmmm 



more castle 

Cathedral in market square -- I can't wait to go inside tomorrow!!! 

city gate 

street view 

After our walking tour we returned to Jarek's home and enjoyed some sangria before heading to sleep -- traveling is exhausting!! (Also: I know I'm missing a reunion picture. In my excitement at actually being reunited I forgot to take a picture!! I'll take some tomorrow.) 

Buen Camino. 

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  1. How wonderful Jena...can't wait to see the reunion picture. OMG... the dessert looks awesome, learn to make that here at home!